Paris, me voilà !


I am Latifa, a 92′ kid and I have all my teeth (in fact I had to say goodbye to my wisdom teeth when these little clumsy decided to point the tip of their nose 4 years ago ). I am Moroccan born in Belgium, currently living in Paris (for now, because who knows in which city I would find myself in 1, 2 or 5 years or even tomorrow).
I am passionate about fashion, makeup, art, travel and good food.

All this led me to start my personal blog to share my world, my passions, my desires, and a lot of fashion tips (whether outings, good plans, events, shopping, you name it). In short, to share with you my state of mind.
There is now a little over a month that I decided to settle in Paris, a bit on a whim I must admit.
Make decisions on a whim often happens to me, but I do not regret a single one because they were all positives experiences.

Paris: why Paris?
To be honest, it is not for the beauty of the city, nor its macaroons, wines and cheeses. But simply because 3 choices were available to me; Paris, Milan or New York.
Milan is, was, and will always be my dream, destination. But before I go, I want to develop myself and become what I aspire to be; an independent woman.
In addition, there is the language barrier, so before I go I have to learn Italian, the language of love.

Then comes New York “The Big Apple”.

Since the time I dream to go there. But I need the money, even a lot of money, because life there is expensive.
It leaves us with one choice: Paris.
It is a 1 hour train ride from Brussels, they speak French and, like the other two cities, it is recognized as one of the capitals of fashion.
Three qualities that have made it the city that would host me from February 2015

Paris, here I am !


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