How to grow on instagram naturally?


Hey my lovers,

I will start with a huge “THANK YOU” We are now more than 13K on instagram, It means a lot for me!
You can’t imagine how much I’m grateful, I’m reading all your private sweet messages and it melt my heart! I definetely have the best team! I also received a lot of messages about how I grown on instagram so I decided to do this article and I hope It will help you!
It’s the first time I’m doing this kind of article, I hope you will learn something new and most importantly that you will like it!

  • Define your subject

I’m a fashion lover who likes to discover new places for a brunch and I aspire to travel the world, so, on my instagram you will find fashion, food and travelling tips because that’s what I do.
It’s really important, when someone comes to your instagram they take a look on your first pictures and then will scroll down far throughout your feed. They will like it if your subject is what they’re looking for and then they will follow you.

How to grow on instagram - Lallasmind

  • Define your niche and Interact with it

Maybe that point seems obvious for you, but I’m sure a lot doesn’t do it. I wasn’t 6 months later, I was just posting with hashtags and waiting for the likes and the followers to pop up!
But It’s not that simple!
From now, I’m following some hashtags (here are some I follow #outfitoftheday, #lookdujour #frenchblogger #ootd #belgianblogger #fashion #fashionblogger #styleblogger), so posts from people I don’t follow appear on my feed and  when I like them, it increase my visibility!

  • Diverse your Hashtags

How to grow on instagram - LallasmindAlways posting the same hashtags to your posts can negatively impact your engagement and you can be shadowbanned (that’s means that your posts will not appear anymore on the # search). Instead, it’s important to switch up your hashtags and make sure they are specific and relevant.
Once a user is following a specific hashtag, suggested posts begin showing up in their feed, they will have the ability to select a “Don’t Show For This Hashtag” option to mark content not interesting or relevant.
While this new feature was created to tell the Instagram algorithm what type of content users enjoy, having too many of your posts marked with this “Don’t Show For This Hashtag” option could negatively impact your other content as well.
For exemple; don’t post a picture of your dog with #architecturelover (I’m not sure the actual architecture lovers gonna click on your picture).

Tips: click here to check if you are shadowbanned

  • Comment for real

I see a lot of people who just comment with an emoji. Don’t do that, comment only if you really have something constructive to say or a real compliment.
Interact with your niche, don’t forget that instagram is a social networking where you share with people. But they also share with you, so give them some love too!
I spend 10 minutes almost each hour on it (when I’m not working, of course), and I like and comment as much as I can.

  • The power of the Shoutout

At the beginning I thought that people were only sharing the accounts they love. Naively, I did one too, sharing the peoples I liked.
Then some of them did the same by sharing my account on their instastory and I got many news followers.
Then some asked me to do a group with other Instagrammers and share a collage of our pictures, urging your followers to check them out and give them a follow if they like what they see.
Sometimes these sharing brings me some growth, sometimes they don’t but it doesn’t hurt and it’s a great way to meet new people in your niche and share accounts you love.

  • Be creative, be unique

Having a unique style for your Instagram feed is essential to standing out and it will help finding success on Instagram. When people visit your page, you want them to have an idea of what your work is like and what kind of content they can expect from you.
Instead of thinking about each Instagram photo, think ahead and plan out your Instagram feed as a whole.
Personally, I use “preview” to see how all of my photos come together, and I re-arrange if I need too before I post.

  • Choose your filter

And stick with it! Choose a warm, cold, or a neutral color palette for your Instagram feed. Neutral is generally minimal and best used for fashion, lifestyle and home brands.
Instagram is an artistic social media, where you share photos. It’s a place where anyone can be a photographer.
So at least be a good one!
For my part I edit my photos on VSCO, but there are so many apps you can also use (snapseed, touchretouch, facetuned, a color story) to be the new Steve McCurry!

  • Beat the algoritm

Since Instagram changed again his algorithm, it became the bloggers and influencers nightmare!
Instagram posts are no longer getting the amount of exposure they used to. For now , when you post, it’s estimated that only 10% of your audience are actually seeing your posts.
Because,the new feed is not anymore chronological, it’s mainly based on engagement. This includes a number of likes, comments, video views, saves, shared posts, DM’s and any other type of interactions a post gets.
So if your post receives a ton of likes and comments in the first hour, this signals the Instagram algorithm that your post is quality, engaging content that more people will want to see.
If not, your post will be “hidden” after an hour, and that’s bad!

I’ve made some research and I found out some tips to beat this algorithm

  • Use instastories
    The algorithm takes into account all the interactions, including your Stories!
    When someone replies to it or when your stories are sent to someone, you have chances that your posts will show up in their feed.
    Ps: use GIF, Locations, Hashtags
  • Engage with your followers
    Reply to their comments within the first hour of posting, otherwise it will decrease your visibility.
  • Post at the right time
    I know it’s easy to say and sometimes you can’t for personal or professional reasons. But, the algorithm does not only care about how much engagement your Instagram post gets, it also cares about how quickly you get that engagement.
    So if you post at a time when most of your followers are online, you have more chances to increase your reach and get more likes and followers.

The Instagram Algorithm Calculates How Long People Spend Viewing Your Post

  • It’s all about Time
    As it said above, instagram is now calculating the time people spend on your post!
    So make them stay, write a caption under your post, make an album or a video!
  • Be the new CNN
    Use the direct to interact with your community. As I told you, Instagram put new features to be used, so use it!
  • Post at least once a day
    or two, or more! But, please don’t post a not-so-great photo just to post. You don’t gain any new followers, but you also won’t lose any.  But there’s a good chance you’ll get a bunch of unfollows if you post a bad one.
  • Repost your best content
    Why not? the is a good chance that a lot of your new followers haven’t seen it! And if it worked for you at the first time, it will at the second!
  • Tag brands and other accounts on your pictures (related to it)
  • Don’t buy followers
    Buying likes and followers is not real engagement and is just not going to help you grow. Fake followers won’t engage with you and so it does nothing for your growth and instagram will delete them sooner or later.
  • Run a giveaway
    You’ve just hit your 1K followers? Congrats ! Now give your followers a little gift.
    It will increase your visibility and you will gain followers!
  • Share it
    share your pictures on facebook, pinterest, twitter!

There are no miracles, but a lot of patience and perseverance.
I’ve been on instagram since the beginning, but my profile was private, I putted it on public and It’s been 2 years that I’m really “active”.
So, Be patient”, Every good thing takes time, don’t push things!
I truly hope that this article will help you and of course if you liked it then share it without moderation!

Love, Lalla










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